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Software is the easy part : A guide to people management in an ERP project

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The guide will help you to:

  • Create a clear communications plan
  • Prepare your employees for disruption and change
  • Manage the human factor during an ERP implementation

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Download this ERP people management eBook

An ERP implementation will always be disruptive. This is compounded when employees' roles change as the new system goes live. In this eBook, we’ll be offering guidance around how to best manage the most important components of a large project – your staff.

A peek inside this people management guide: 

To be successful, a business needs to take the people that will be affected by an ERP along with them from the start.

  • The problem with a narrow approach
    What tends to happen is that the Finance and / or IT departments of a business drive an ERP project. They define what they believe are the requirements of other areas of the business, but in fact they are incorrect in reality and this creates later challenges.
  • Ensure involvement and representation
    It’s essential to start the journey of an ERP implementation by bringing on board people who will be affected by the new system. This is achieved by forming a projects team that includes representatives – we call them ‘champions’ – from all areas of the business.
  • Shared understanding is critical
    Clear communication at all stages of the project is vital. Why is the change happening? What will it mean? How will peoples' roles be affected and, most importantly, how will the change benefit the business and its employees?
  • Education is key
    People need to understand not only why the change is happening and what the benefits will be, but they need to be reassured that they’re not going to be chucked in at the deep end. It’s important to emphasise from the beginning that comprehensive training will be provided.

Staff need to feel secure in their jobs and confident that their employers are implementing a new system for their benefit as much as the business as a whole.