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Imagine if NFP stood for 'Nimble Financial Protocols'

How New Zealand Not-For-Profit organisations can use technology to improve financial controls, visibility and reporting 

Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisations face a number of challenges in the areas of financial reporting. Typically, this is because their reporting structures are complex and they usually include multiple divisions, projects, initiatives and activities.

They also have compliance and government regulation challenges, predicated on the need to produce accurate and complete records, including complex financial reports, cash flow statements, and evidence of compliance with the financial policies of the organisation.

This guide outlines how NFPs can gain a clear financial perspective, enabling them to run their operations more economically while meeting statutory reporting requirements.

The eBook will help you to understand:


  • Strategies to manage your financial reporting more efficiently
  • Why it's essential to harness technology to maintain the integrity of your financial infrastructure
  • How to run your operation better while meeting statutory reporting requirements
  • The importance of visibility in reporting for all stakeholders

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 In order to maintain a stable income, accurate budgeting, and provide detailed and complex reporting to meet compliance requirements, NFPs need to harness the kind of technology that’s aimed specifically at streamlining these processes. 

A peek inside this guide for NFPs: 

The Not-For-Profit sector is significant in the New Zealand economy. NFPs exist in a range of organisations, such as registered charities, incorporated societies, charitable trusts and companies.

  • NFPs - an essential component of NZ society
    An introduction to the charity sector of NZ, including an outline of how they are monitored by government agencies
  • Challenges of financial reporting for NFPs
    Why financial reporting is so complex for NFPs, and why transparency across all financially-related activities is essential
  • Hampered by technology
    The consequences of using outdated or overly complicated systems
  • ERP solutions that support NFPs
    What to look for in an ERP system

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