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Striking the right balance: How to deliver your wholesale goods without depleting working capital

Everything you need to know about demand planning and forecasting

Demand forecasting is one of the most important steps to ensuring your stock meets demand without decreasing working capital. Despite this, many wholesalers question this step or don't do it all.1620600925-1

Why is this?

It's down to what we're using and how. The disparate systems and spreadsheets that we've all become accustomed to are now outdated and make what we do harder, so why do we continue to use them?

Instead of making do, you should look to harness the power of today's technology and automate what you can.

Automated demand forecasting systems can help you free up time and get detailed, accurate results fast.

By harnessing the power of a demand forecasting solution you can:

  1. Predict exact stock quantities to keep both your suppliers and         customers happy
  2. Smooth tension between sales and finance departments
  3. Keep stock history and forecasts collated in one, accessible place

This eBook discusses:

  • What's causing delays and confusion in your demand forecasting practise?
  • Why automation tools are the answer to your stock management woes?
  • How companies like, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks utilise demand automation tools to make sales and demand planning at a global level that much easier.

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