Wholesale distribution is evolving

Tech Transformation for wholesale distribution

In the face of ongoing disruption, tech is proving invaluable for the industry.

From supply chain issues and inflation to competition from new market players and ongoing disruptions caused by COVID-19 – the wholesale distribution sector is dealing with multifaceted challenges in 2023.

  • Changing expectations
    Driven by changing retail norms, customers now expect a high level of service from their wholesale suppliers – including online ordering, 24/7 support, real-time updates and quick delivery.
  • Increasing competition
    Huge multinationals like Amazon and eBay disrupt the wholesale distribution sector by selling directly to retailers and consumers, undercutting smaller operators.
  • Supply chains and stock issues
    Supply chain disruptions started with COVID-19, but extreme weather, New Zealand's geographic remoteness and global conflict have compounded the issues, making it difficult to access stock and leading to interrupted operations.
  • Inflation and price rises
    To manage rising prices caused by inflation and supply chain issues, wholesalers must cut costs or raise prices to protect profitability.

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Is it time for a change?

Without the right software, it can be difficult to deal with disruption and delays – and almost impossible to move your business forward.

Is your software missing the mark? Look out for these signs:

Icon 1 - Price Increases

Issues like price increases are left unresolved

Icon 2 - Inventory

Inaccurate inventory tracking

Icon 3 - Locations

Problems managing multiple locations

Icon 4 - Collaboration

Lack of collaboration and communication

Icon 5 - Data Entry

Manual data entry

Icon 6 - Issues

Order fulfilment issues

Icon 7 - Source of Truth

No single source
of truth

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Tech is transforming the industry

Wholesale distribution software has come a long way in the past decade, and more businesses are turning to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. These fully integrated, flexible business management solutions combine the best elements of inventory management, CRM software, financial management and accounting. Moving to one of these powerful platforms can be transformative for wholesale distributors. Those that make the switch are in a better position to survive – and thrive – through future disruptions.

Modern ERP solutions are integrated with all the essentials on one platform:

• Built-in inventory management and stock control
• Automation of key tasks
• Integrated financial management and accounting
• Customer service tools
• Real-time data
• Custom dashboards to help you track KPIs
• Comprehensive visibility across your business
• Forecasting and reporting tools for better decision-making
• Automated tracking and data storage for compliance

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Tech Transformation for wholesale distribution